‘CCVC’ Four Letter Domains



ZVUN.com may refer to: ringtones (Bulgarian), zettavolt, zeptovolt. It may be also used as a general nonword brand.


This domain probably calls to mind the word “zigzag” right off the bat, which is basically derived from putting the letter Z into the word “tack” (which means turn). The double Z at the beginning makes the name memorable; you might pronounce it as “Zee-zag.” ZZ can stand for certain phrases in German: “zur zeit” meaning, for --> Read More


All pronounceable short domains are far easier to remember, and this one passes the Radio Test (when spoken, the hearer knows how it is spelled). It might be used for just about anything: a design shop, an industrial business, or as an acronym for a longer organization. It is also a surname.


This name is particularly memorable for a short brandable domain, and lends itself easily to acronyms for phrases such as my fountain of youth. The first 2 letters might be my friends, more fun, major funding, and so on. It could be a personal domain for someone with the surname of Foy.


Could be pronounced as “Crave,” which could make it easy to use for a consumer product site or salon. The word is also close to krav maga, the Israeli military training in self-defense. The unusual sound of the word gives it international appeal, and the combination of AV letters at the end has plenty of possible representations: --> Read More


Another domain with letters of common usage if needed for an abbreviations. VC could be venture capital, vice chairman, etc. and AZ could stand for Arizona. But a wider use of the name might be simply as a made-up word.


Short brand names are hard to acquire as domains are snapped up, and our use of them is growing and changing. The 4-letter .com now is not read just literally but can be symbolic or free form, whatever the business adopting it chooses it to be. CZUZ is a common Polish surname. .CZ is the country-code extension for --> Read More


KLEK has a satisfying sound, like the clicking of a computer keyboard or mouse, which could make it perfect for an internet brand but it also is suitable for a huge range of businesses. A great name for both investors & end users. It is also the name of a seaside mountain in Croatia and the --> Read More
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