‘Four Letter Domains’ Four Letter Domains








Western letters in this 4L domain. FQ at the beginning could stand for Frequency, Fine Quality, Fully Qualified, or other words; the U at the end may stand for Universal or University, Underwriter, Underground, Unit, United, etc. Could easily become an acronym for an organization.


s both a dictionary word (having or resembling lace = lacy) and a female first name. Good for a business brand of almost any kind.


The trending interest in Holographic technology and its applications makes this a great name for a site about any or all of the Holo- niche. Holograms, HoloBox applications, HoloBooks and science fiction are all suggested by the prefix. Because hologram tech is extremely advanced, the domain is excellent for someone interested in either the real-world programming — --> Read More


A perfect and short dictionary word, this name is also a GEO domain as the name of a country. As a .tv name it is just as likely to be used as a brand as to refer to the nation of Laos. Possible uses for the name start with a site related to Laos and its --> Read More
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