‘Four Letter Domains’ Four Letter Domains


There is a distinct advantage in choosing an all-consonant name for a brand: Simply going for something with vowels can mean you’re choosing among some very peculiar-sounding words. This domain avoids the problem of your brand picking up meaning due to similarity with existing words — words you may not want associated with your brand. ____ --> Read More


Some short names resonate even while you may not be sure what it means. VXVZ.com is one like that, and if you like the letter V it is a great one. It has a scientific sound; if not used strictly for tech or scientific purposes, it would make a superb short name for literary, music, design, --> Read More


A modernistic domain, XVXZ.com is rhythmic — due to its pattern with the repeated X. Say it out loud (or rather, spell it out) and it is very pleasing. It could serve well as a brand. A business, organization or performing group might use this name in a way similar to users of numeric domains. How --> Read More


Short brand names are hard to acquire as domains are snapped up, and our use of them is growing and changing. The 4-letter .com now is not read just literally but can be symbolic or free form, whatever the business adopting it chooses it to be. CZUZ is a common Polish surname. .CZ is the country-code extension for --> Read More


This 4L could be short for a surname, a nickname. It is similar to the word “mezuzah,” the prayer scroll placed in doorways to bless one’s home. The letters as an abbreviation can work for many unions or organizations, or as an automotive reference. The letter M may help make this a model reference of a --> Read More


The SY at the end of the domain might induce you to refer to it as “eye-zee-sigh” — or simply “izzy.” SY can stand for Systems, Symbol, or even Psychological. Altogether, this name is good for easy reading although it may not pass the radio test. 4L domains are excellent investments for acronyms and brands.


EXDR.com could be used as abbreviation for executive director, external drives, ex-doctor. It could refer to entertainment, machinery, computers or software, medical references, leadership. It could be the name of a product model, a studio, a geographic division. A very strong brand name.


Besides being a nicely aged domain, this name contains the word Men, which might make it suitable as a name for a performing or artistic group, an organization that doesn’t necessarily have to be for men — or a reference to a generation.


Despite the double consonant in the center, westerners would find this easy to pronounce, like the first part of the word Oxygen. The domain might be used for any product or process involving oxidation, or simply oxygen. Strong domain for chemical or scientific products. Along very different lines, it is also a great name for an --> Read More


The letters in this name might hint at a link to the chi-ro, the Christian representation for the cup of the Eucharist. The letters X and P are the first letters of the Greek word for Christ, but their order is often reversed due to artistic representations where the X is crossing the bottom of the P. --> Read More
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