‘VCVC’ Four Letter Domains


This 4L.com is a pattern of vowel-and-consonant that tends to be much easier to pronounce, and gives it more flexibility in representing a longer phrase or title, or simply acting as a made-up word for branding. Possible uses of UVOG.com are almost unlimited; the UV might be shorthand for Universal or Ultraviolet.


The letter U is a common one in abbreviations of organizations, often meaning union, universal, university. Could be a call sign for radio or a TV station. Because it’s pronounceable the possibilities are expanded and it could be a brand name for a product, a media site, online shopping.


Purchased originally to stand for manual fabrication, this name has a huge range of uses. It could be used for sites on building and architecture, or many other endeavors. In addition to the acronym possibilities this domain offers, it sounds like a word of appreciation, “you are fab(ulous).”
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