Types of Four Letter Domains

Here we explain the various kinds of four letter domains.

C and V – what is this?
You may have seen a domain referred to as CVCV or CCVC, or another similar specified name. What does this mean? C stands for consonant, meaning all letters of the alphabet that are not vowels. V stands for vowel, meaning the letters a,e,i,o, and u. (Although letters y and w sometimes are used in English as vowels, here we mean only the letters which are never anything else.)

Examples of CVCV domains: BABU.com, VIGI.com, FEGO.com
Examples of VCCV domains: AGQO.com, OGLI.com, IPSA.com

By this term we mean domains of the most desirable categories of all four letter names. Pronounceability is usually the biggest factor that makes a domain valuable; other high-value factors would be if the domain is a Dictionary Word, or a Strong Pattern domain (such as RRRR.com or YSSS.com or GAGA.com). But some other domains might be Ultra-Premium too; for instance, if they are very special acronyms.

More and more LLLL.com domains are seen as Premium, because they have so many possible uses while still being short. Soon perhaps all domains in .com extension of 4 letters will be considered Premium.

What are CHIPs, or Chinese Premiums?
These are short domains, 3 or 4 letters, in .com that do not contain a,e,i,o,u, or v. This kind of domain name is especially sought after in the Chinese markets for its value as an acronym. The Chinese language/Pinyin seldom if ever uses vowels to begin words, so a domain with a vowel would not be an acronym. The letter v does not exist in Pinyin, so it is also omitted.

An acronym is a short group of letters that are an abbreviation for a longer title, name or phrase. The most common type of acronym uses the first letter of each main word; ex: MLB is the acronym for Major League Baseball.

Another kind of acronym uses the first couple of letters of the main words, such as WAMU (or WaMu), which is the acronym for Washington Mutual Bank.