‘Premium’ Four Letter Domains


This domain probably calls to mind the word “zigzag” right off the bat, which is basically derived from putting the letter Z into the word “tack” (which means turn). The double Z at the beginning makes the name memorable; you might pronounce it as “Zee-zag.” ZZ can stand for certain phrases in German: “zur zeit” meaning, for --> Read More


AG – The beginning 2 letters of this domain make it of special interest to agricultural companies & concerns, Public Limited Companies (Germany), software developers, and silver traders or jewelers. The chemical symbol for silver is Ag. QO can refer to: quality of, qualified offer, quarter ounce, quantitative options Other uses As an acronym for a --> Read More


The 4L market is even more active than a few months ago, so it’s a good time to get a strong domain. AV at the beginning of your domain is particularly popular: AV stands in for audio-visual, Av the month on the Hebrew calendar, aviation, anti-virus, etc. This name also makes a classic sort of non-referential name, --> Read More


All pronounceable short domains are far easier to remember, and this one passes the Radio Test (when spoken, the hearer knows how it is spelled). It might be used for just about anything: a design shop, an industrial business, or as an acronym for a longer organization. It is also a surname.


Possible uses: The XE at the end, part of the “execute,” could suggest this is a software/solutions business, logistics company, or the like; it suggests decision-making or action. It could as easily be a name for design, art, performance, because the letters are nearly all hard-cornered ones rather than curved, making a name linked with strength, forward --> Read More


You might pronounce this one as “Diz” or “Dizzy.” It is close to the word design, and therefore might be a good choice for a designer brand or gallery. It also works for a restaurant, bar or club; a name for a commercial product, especially a chemical formulation; today such names can be found on personal products, --> Read More


As suggested by its beginning letters EZ, this domain is easy to say, and probably passes the Radio test. As it sounds like a personal name, it could be the flag for any sort of company from design store to manufacturing to online philosophy site.


The letters of GUAG.com are very common western letters and might serve for the title of a company or organization with longer name. Such 4L names are good for longer term investment.


The letter O at the end of a 4L helps make it easier to remember and can turn a collection of letters into a “handle.” It’s easy, for instance, to recall the names USO or GAO.


This name is particularly memorable for a short brandable domain, and lends itself easily to acronyms for phrases such as my fountain of youth. The first 2 letters might be my friends, more fun, major funding, and so on. It could be a personal domain for someone with the surname of Foy.
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