‘Premium’ Four Letter Domains


Could be pronounced as “Crave,” which could make it easy to use for a consumer product site or salon. The word is also close to krav maga, the Israeli military training in self-defense. The unusual sound of the word gives it international appeal, and the combination of AV letters at the end has plenty of possible representations: --> Read More



Possible Uses: A site for tactical supplies, equipment or uniforms; military history; computers & software; logistics services; business strategy or B2B services. This could also be a stylized club, restaurant, or shop name.


This 4L.com is a pattern of vowel-and-consonant that tends to be much easier to pronounce, and gives it more flexibility in representing a longer phrase or title, or simply acting as a made-up word for branding. Possible uses of UVOG.com are almost unlimited; the UV might be shorthand for Universal or Ultraviolet.


Whether you try to pronounce this one (maybe as “uzzy” or “Uzi”) or not, it stands apart from other 4Ls. A Y at the end of a short name is a popular, even for serious brands. It has a familiar and positive sound.


The letter U is a common one in abbreviations of organizations, often meaning union, universal, university. Could be a call sign for radio or a TV station. Because it’s pronounceable the possibilities are expanded and it could be a brand name for a product, a media site, online shopping.


Another domain with letters of common usage if needed for an abbreviations. VC could be venture capital, vice chairman, etc. and AZ could stand for Arizona. But a wider use of the name might be simply as a made-up word.


YKKI.com might be pronounced “Yooki” for convenience, and used as a brand; it is easy to remember with its double K. It has hints of eastern cultures, having the Y and K letters that are common to Asian languages and names. But mostly it’s a neat, concise LLLL domain that any business or individual might --> Read More


Possible Uses: One might look at the letters in pairs, where we can see for the first 2, VZ can refer to electronics parts, diodes, communication, or stand for vision, visual, etc. The last 2 letters, NA, can easily stand for North America, Northern Australia. Short domains need not be used for their literal meanings, this is --> Read More


This domain might appear, with all its vowels, to be the abbreviation for a government department — for extraterrestrials. A lot of its strength is in that X and the range of possibilities the other letters can represent. Of course many businesses need a brief domain name that’s pretty open-ended for use but easy to remember, like --> Read More
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