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Domain Age: 5 years

Some short names resonate even while you may not be sure what it means. is one like that, and if you like the letter V it is a great one. It has a scientific sound; if not used strictly for tech or scientific purposes, it would make a superb short name for literary, music, design, and many other start-ups.

The cultural associations that combinations of letters — or single letters — have make for wonderful uses of 4L domains. The letter X has one of the richest histories an English letter can have: think X the general Unknown, X-Men, Virus X (Superman almost died of this) “X marks the spot,” the Jolly Roger’s crossbones, mathematics uses, the hypothetical Planet X, etc. Z, too, is a scientific and mathematic letter, again linking the domain with science.
Branding naturally takes the impact a word has, and makes use of it, gives it the desired form.


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